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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slovenia labels True Womanhood song as Devil chanting

The song is "The Monk" from True Womanhood. It's ok, what drew me to this particular band is their unreleased track, "This is Wind Fucker" (not sure if I can post it, if I can I'll update this)

True Womanhood recorded that Windfucker for the country, Slovenia, as part of a World Cup comp, here's what band member Thomas Redmond says about it - “We were asked to come up with a song for a World Cup compilation coming out in the UK and the country we were assigned was Slovenia. When we submitted the song it was harshly rejected for sounding like ‘a chant to the devil.’ They actually said that! We found this to be pretty amazing, but even better, the next day we heard back that the song had actually grown on them.”

Awesome. btw, Windfucker is much more chanty and darker than "The Monk" in case you were wondering.

Anyway, the single above is a nice piece to get you into the band, and you can check out a video for the song and photos from the shoot

 may be moving the PC at home to a better location which would allow for more tweets & updates in the evening - more info later
  • new video from What Laura Says, it's "On the Fence"
  • VicTorV #58 focuses on Toursick w/ A Day to Remember, Silverstein, Jamie's Elsewhere, The Audition and Close Your Eyes
  • A Day To Remember is releasing a 7", "The Killer B-Sides" on Victory, can't find an actual date though
  • Taproot's "Fractured" will be feature video on TNA iMPACT Thursday night on Spike
  • "American Dream" is the new vid from Silverstein - premiered yesterday on Fuse - I must be Fuse-inept, cuz I can't find the fucking thing
  • Carnifex has a live set from March 26 (House of Blues, Chicago) premiering on RevolverMag
  • Beneath the Sky trailer for "Terror Starts at Home"
  • Between the Buried & Me will perform on The Daily Habit, Fuel TV Thursday, May 20
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