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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Abigail Washburn lines up Chinese dates

I'm not sure how many Chinese readers I've got, but for any of you out there, this is for you -

Abigail Washburn Confirmed to Perform at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, Followed by a Tour of China

'City of Refuge' out August 31st (Foreign Children Records)

“a mash-up of old-timey Americana and Chinese tradition…Washburn has combined her passions to create a gorgeous, joyful new sound.” – Newsweek

“[Washburn] drew the line from ancient Appalachian ballads such as "Bright Morning Stars" to even older Celtic music styles that immigrants to the U.S. brought with them, and wed her trans-global experiences in "Song of the Traveling Daughter," which she sang in Mandarin while fleetly plucking her banjo clawhammer style.” – Los Angeles Times

Songwriter, banjoist, and former Chengdu resident Abigail Washburn is confirmed to perform in one of the largest national pavilions of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai (July 1 – 4), followed by a tour of China.

From the USA Pavilion:  With the theme of “Rising to the Challenge,” the United States presence will showcase American culture, values, innovation and business in one of China’s most dynamic cities, while celebrating the friendship and cooperation between the United States, China and the rest of the world.

Abigail’s third album 'City of Refuge' will be released in the US on August 31st (Foreign Children Records) and melds the joined forces of renowned producer Tucker Martine (the Decemberists, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens) with Washburn’s classic songwriting, striking voice and old-time storytelling aesthetic.

“There are wandering musical souls and then there’s Abigail Washburn,” writes the Los Angeles Times.  Abigail planned to permanently relocate to China to pursue a law career.  She studied the banjo as a way of reconnecting with her own American roots, and - following one last road trip across the US - stumbled into a record deal. 

She has released two critically acclaimed albums, 'Song of the Traveling Daughter' and 'Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet.' A volunteer with Sichuan Quake Relief, Abigail co-produced the benefit album 'Afterquake' (with the Shanghai Restoration Project), a folk/electronic project recorded in the Sichuan earthquake zone featuring remixed voices and sounds from the region.  Proceeds go toward Sichuan Quake Relief.

July  1 – Shanghai USA Pavilion Stage
July 3 – Shanghai USA Pavilion Stage
July 4 – Shanghai the Music Club
July 4  - Shanghai Official Fourth of July Party
July 5 – Shanghai Official Consulate Independence Day Celebration
July 5 – Hangzhou JZ Hangzhou
July 9 – Beijing the One
July 10 – Zhenjiang HiFi Xijindu Music Series
July 11 – Shanghai Yuyintang

wait for it, wait for it -

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