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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anberlin set to return to shelves Sept 21

Has it been forever since you heard some news on Anberlin?

That ends now.

Anberlin will release their fifth album, Dark is the Way, Light is a Place (Universal) on Sept. 21. The album was produced by Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, RATM, Springsteen), so expect something big.

Prior to the release, you'll be able to catch "We Owe This To Ourselves" countless times if you spend hours and hours watching the XGames in August, as the song has been licensed to ESPN for their coverage.

as for the album title, in their own words - Dark Is The Way, Light is a Place - which takes its title from a line in Dylan Thomas' "Poem On His Birthday" - examines the battle implicit in life and in love. "Love is a friction, a chemistry," says Anberlin's front man, Stephen Christian. "We need to fight it out in a good way, not with threats of leaving, but to, in love, find an understanding."

and topping that is some actual news we can use, as Anberlin does something more heart-warming by helping out Faceless International, a group poised to raise awareness about human trafficking.

1. We Owe This To Ourselves
2. Impossible
3. Take Me As You Found Me
4. Closer
5. You Belong To Me
6. Pray Tell
7. The Art Of War
8. To The Wolves
9. Down
10. Depraved

show some love for the links -
  • P.O.S. stopped by Pure Food and Wine in NYC and performed in their kitchen with some basic kitchen gear - hey this gives me an idea for a new show on the Food Network - the song is "Optimist"
  • Richard Walters has a new vid for "Brittle Bones" - i like the double layered video effect
  • Switchfoot has a new video for "The Sound" which was apparently written in honor of civil rights activist John Perkins (who turns 80 today) - read more here
  • Haven't rec'd your copy of The Golden Filter yet? AOL Spinner has your fix w/ this stream
  • Asian Man Recs is putting out a new 7" from The Sainte Catherines titled "Dead Dogs" near the end of the year
  • The Riptides have a song on Rock Band now and you can download it
  • Larry Carlton and Tak Matsumoto are giving away "Tokyo Nights" if you're willing to give up the e-addy
  • Casey Neill and the Norway Rats have a new album called "Goodbye to the Rank and File" - the band consists of members of The Decemberists and Lucinda Williams Band

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