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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

everyBoy new album due in late July

the song is "Another Love (Tanqueray)" by everyBoy

in his own words - “‘Tanqueray’ is a tune about the break-up memories that won’t go away. It’s the slow burn, where you wake up in the middle of the night with cotton mouth only to find you left the TV on and it’s blasting your ex’s favorite song. The narrator sings “lala’s” to its tune. It’s the moment of surrender, where the past is finally accepted.” - everyBoy

His real name is Bruce Nathan and he's a young New Yorker who has some serious zen going on - a student of Japanese literature, haiku, Buddhism, he decided to put out a record, The Last LaLa's that's (at least based on this song) very well soaked in relaxable songs and pretty little melodies.

Another add-on if you need it - he's got some pretty solid helpers working on the record including Ben Peeler (The Wallflowers), Tom Freund (Ben Harper), Brian LeBarton (Beck) and Adam Topal (Jack Johnson).

if the song and the back up band don't give you any kind of clue what to expect... YOURE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!

The Last LaLa's comes out July 27

this working extra for no extra dough is for the birds and it leaves me so little time to tell you about all this cool shit -
  • "Jacqueline Susann" is the new video from Pernice Brothers - essentially it's the view of the world from bicycle handlebars if the sky/ground was littered with interesting/artistic imagery.
  • too late for tonight, but Theophilus London was on Dinner with The Band on IFC. I'm sure there'll be repeats, plus there's always OnDemand.
  • RCRD_LBL's free mp3 of the day came from Eli Escobar - the song is "Love Thing Part 3 (Only You)" featuring Amanda Blank
  • Motion City Sdtk is listed as one of the top Warped Moments by Spin

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