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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Free continental mixtapes available with your bed and breakfast courtesy The Fader & Nike

You know you love mixtapes, hell, who doesn't? Well, Nike & The Fader have put together a new short series where you can get some mixtapes featuring some pretty well unheralded musicians from all the continents (Antarctica doesn't count this time). It began last week and continues through the 11th of June.

VOL. 1 - South America

El Hijo de la Cumbia, "Soy El Control" (Argentina)
Petrona Martinez, "Un Nino que Llora en los Montes de Maria (King
Coya & Axel K Remix)" (Colombia/Argentina)
Choc Quib Town, "Somos Pacifico" (Colombia)
Fauna, "El Gauchito Gil" (Argentina)
Princesa, "Aqui Llega Princesa (Frikstailers Remix)" (Argentina)
Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde, "Ê Boi (Maga Bo Remix)" (Brazil)
Lucas Santtana, "M'Bala" (Brazil)
Digitaldubs Sound System, "O Arrego feat. Biguli" (Brazil)
Systema Solar, "Bienvenidos" (Colombia)
King Elio Boom, "El Fulo" (Colombia)
Jahdan Blakkamoore, "Earthshaking" (Guyana)

Curated by Maga Bo
As a member of DJ/production collective Dutty Artz, Maga Bo takes it upon himself to travel to every corner of the world to find the underground. His travels have taken him to every continent, and when he leaves, it's usually with a hard drive full of new collaborations and productions. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Maga Bo has found a permanent home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he makes music with a wide array of local artists.

VOL. 2 - Europe

Sinden & WAFA, "Afrodizzier" (United Kingdom)
Gregor Salto & Mokoomba, "Messe Messe (Afro Dub)" (Netherlands)
Bok Bok, "Dance Report" (United Kingdom)
Canblaster, "No 23? (France)
Bambounou, "Nappyhead" (France)
Jamtech Foundation, "Too Fast (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)" (Sweden)

download whatever you like for free here

If you can't sing with em, write about em -
  • Boys Like Girls have a new video for "Heart Heart Heartbreak" - watching too much Project Runway maybe?
  • Ariel Pink has been busy - 4AD Sessions, did a mix for FACT, and something about a new album due out this week
  • speaking of live perfs, The National's recent perf @ Brooklyn Academy of Music is available to stream in its entirety - from the looks of it, it's several different videos, damn youtube limits
  • Stornoway did "Here Comes The Blackout" acoustic like for Guardian UK
  • Efterklang and Slaraffenland teamed up for a free live EP, Prinser & Vikinger, available with a language decoder here

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