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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting to know Danger is My Middle Name

Danger is My Middle Name isn't just a lame quote anymore. It's also the name of a band from Chicago who's about to self-release a new EP, Giant Killer on Aug. 10.

They aren't new, having formed around 2007 and have a couple self-releases already available. At this point, with all the hype they've received from Alternative Press, iSound, PureVolume and other sites, you have to wonder when the label bidding war will begin.

Check out their MySpace and you'll find some of the band's finest works, showcasing a bit more of a pop edge to the sound shared by Taking Back Sunday or The Used (less screaming as well).

Danger is My Middle Name has already become a top unsigned touring act in the midwest, and with the likelihood of another well-received EP in 2010, DIMMN may extend coast to coast.

there's still time to set your DVRs
  • The Gaslight Anthem on Jimmy Fallon tonight
  • but before that, catch Deer Tick making their national tv debut on Letterman; being as i'm somewhat technology challenged (in the financial sense) I'll find links to both tomorrow if you missed them
  • William Control has a new vid for "I'm Only Human Sometimes" - it's explicit and you've got to send a facebook, tweet or sign up for the email list to view it - well worth it for Victory Recs fans or if you want something a little harder edged than say White Lies. The vid itself is basically a vice versa situation of a roofies dosing and very NSFW
  • Amber Pacific's "Three Words" is streaming video on - band to-do list, find target audience - CHECK - i will tell you i was having trouble streaming and the site blamed MY internet connection, yet nothing else has had a problem tonight - hmmmm, that's a mystery
  • Sister Sin will have a new vid for "Outrage" on BloodyDisgusting tomorrow
  • Victory Recs is also offering a limited time discount for the 2010 XGames tix - code is FIRSTX and presale tix go up tomorrow @ 10 a.m. PST

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