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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Icelandic volcano gets a guest spot in new Fol Chen video

not a lot of leftovers from friday, but here's what i know - this is just good reading

Fol Chen sent director Chris Wilcha (This American Life Showtime series / The Target Shoots First) to Iceland to film amidst the volcanic dust from the erupting Eyjafjallaj√∂kull for their new music video, "In Ruins" which is set to premiere next week.
Two Icelandic youth wander through what looks like an apocalyptic wasteland, which is really just an abandoned area of Iceland as a result of Eyjafjallaj√∂kull.  The boy and girl have to wear masks just to breathe and see amidst the dust.  
More notes on the video from director Chris Wilcha-
-I'd been talking to Samuel Bing about how it seems like ash as the only thing that remains after man made and natural disasters.  In NY after 9/11, I remember there was just ash everywhere.  It was the same near the volcano in Iceland.

-as with Fol Chen (who never reveal their identities in press photos), I loved how the masks the kids are wearing obscured their identities.  You had two cute kids whose faces were partially erased by masks and goggles that were required to actually see and breath in the midst of the ash.

-This video almost seemed like an accidental continuation of the Cable TV video - it's as if those two kids were the last two people on earth after a nuclear bomb or something. abandoned pools in both of the videos - not sure how that happened!

-I discussed this idea with Samuel on a Thursday or Friday and was on a plane to Iceland by the next Tuesday.  We shot this in one day.  At this time of year, it stays light in Iceland until almost midnight.

and of course there's always more if you look hard enough -

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