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Monday, June 7, 2010

If Donald Trump's son got you kicked out of school, could you come up with a song like this?

did that remind anybody else of Buffalo Tom?

His name is Jacques Labouchere, he's a Frenchman, born in Connecticut and basically taking up residence in Sweeden. Now that the geography portion of today's lesson is over, I'll tell you his new album is called Bi-Polar Baby Strollers and is out on Popjinx.

Without giving you a full bio of Monsiour Labouchere, the most interesting part of his past to me was the fact that he was kicked out of school at age 15 when Donald Trump's son ratted him out for drinking on school grounds. - my next question would be how the hell did Labouchere end up penniless if he went to school w/ Trump's son, cuz I'm doubting it was a public institution if you know what I mean...

Stay right where you are, I'm not done yet -
  • kill some time with this Tobacco interview
  • Baths was on KXLU earlier tonight, search around to find the link and post in comments here if you find it, I haven't yet
  • and here's Far on The Daily Habit

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