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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Indie hip-hop group Le Vice to drop release on Aug. 17; get free mp3 now

i'm gonna let you decide for yourself on this one -

 “While the musicianship in Le VICE’s upcoming self-titled release is elegant and thoughtful, one cannot overlook the pervasive upbeat dance vibe that makes it nothing short of… shake your ass music.”

Le VICE has been defined as Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop. However, the band views their sound first as '80s Electro, Disco, and Funk which is supported by a backing theme of Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop. Their LARGE sound, which includes cosmic and ambient synthesizers, aggressive bass lines, hard-nose drumming, and funky guitar licks, is carefully fused with potent rhymes and soulful singing.

After forming in early 2009, Le Vice initially focused their attention on be¬ing a “live” interpretation of front woman Alex Lee’s original hip hop works. This endeavor quickly became a creative breeding ground for the new and original music that would give birth to their signature sound. And af¬ter an energetic summer tour, the band carried their momentum forward and entered the studio to record their first album.

This release is widely being received as “A refreshing harmony of both classic and contemporary sounds; a feverish blend of all the great genres”. If four on the floor is your speed, tracks such as “Shy Guy” and “Why Fight” will put you in the mood. If you love edgy dance/pop tracks that you can sing to, you might check out “Uh Huh”. Or if you dig rootsy hip hop clas¬sics, “2’ocklock” should be your speed. To say the least, this record has something for everyone.

What truly makes Le VICE great is that all of its members are profound musicians and effortless songwriters. In the end their individual musical talents, experiences, influences, and willingness to experiment all contrib¬uted to the unique Le VICE sound that explodes out of this record. The sum of this group is truly greater than its parts:

Alex (A.Lee) has been a successful hip hop artist for a number of years (her singles “Hotter” and “Do It Big” were featured on America’s Next Top Model). In her new role as front woman for Le Vice she has broken free of the traditional “hip hop” role. Now a seasoned vocalist, she delivers soulful melodies reminiscent of the disco age and early 80’s, which she combines with a powerful pop sound and rootsy hip hop swagger.

Sean is a pre¬cise yet expres¬sive bass player and keyboard¬ist. Originally schooled in jazz, r&b, and classic composition (ro¬mantic and post romantic) he eventually found his way into the punk/post punk scene. As one of the main songwriters on this record, Sean delivers funk-filled Rick James baselines and moving musical ar¬rangements.

Renzo is a professional touring guitarist who is well versed in in many styles including Funk, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Son, Metal, and more. In Le Vice, he’s an addictive songwriter who specializes in that essential Quincy Jones guitar sound that makes even the most-self conscious individual want to get down.

Darrin is a solid, heavy-handed, good old-fash¬ioned hip hop and soul drum¬mer. Born into a musical family, he first started playing drums at the age of 7 and as teenager found his way into gospel music and played regularly at his church. He has parleyed his years of experience into solid, driving beats.

their debut s/t album is due Aug. 17 and will be self-released.
for a preview, here's a download of "Hard to Be Ill"

it's the little things that count -
  • Procedure Club dropped a new album, Doomed Forever (Slumberland) yesterday - they've also got a handful of tour dates for you - mostly on the east coast
  • Adam Young (Sky Sailing) did a rare interview w/ MTV
  • Converse is trying something new this summer. They're releasing a short film & free mp3 with 3 artists collaborating - it's known as Three Artists, One Song and will feature Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast), Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) and Kid Cudi - see the film here and keep your eyes on for the coming mp3.
  • Billy Bang will release his new album Prayer for Peace on July 20 (TUM) - here's a video of the violinist @ Harlem Speaks

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  1. This go hard. For real I think this is where music is going. Hybrid.