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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Singles Night returns with Hunters Run

It's Thursday, so that must mean it's Singles Night.

Tonight we have Hunters Run!, who've just released the third 7" in a series of four on Battle Standard Records.

The band's earlier works have drawn comparisons to Elvis Costello and Husker Du, and with "Life of Crime," Hunters Run! looks to go ballad.

Also included on the 7" is "Oh My Ageless Brother."

The two song combo comes in at over 10 minutes (kind of lengthy for a single 7" in comparison to all the stuff I used to hunt down). Both songs are mellow in appearance and basically sway for about five minutes.

Neither of the two tracks draws enough strength to call Hunters Run! a must-hear band, yet both in their simple soothing sounds can find a way to draw you in.

"Life Of Crime" does venture into a ballad type of flow. It's far from a "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" or "November Rain," but the clear direction of creating something useable as a prom slow-dance song is evident.

I find "Oh My Ageless Brother" to be the winner on this 7". Based almost entirely on the instrumentation throughout the song (toward the end, the guitars rehash a riff over and over, in a near-dream like sequence that is ultimately captivating enough to make me listen again), the b-side carries this single enough to make you want to hear the first two records in the collection and wonder what number 4 will bring.

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