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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Singles Night: Teenage Rehab's Abuse Your Solution

home alone tonight, reading these posts from your secluded seat at the empty bar? That's ok, Thursday nights are Singles nights at Sonic Dissonance

This is what 7" records are all about. Four songs, one crystal clear record, about 6.5 minutes. Beautiful.

First off, you can't really go wrong picking up most 7" records when the band has beer bottles sprinkled all over the cover and names themselves Teenage Rehab. If you're not already thinking punk, then you've never really looked at artwork in the dungy basement of some local hole-in-the-wall record store.

Ok, so Teenage Rehab is from Paducah, Kentucky. Sound familiar, I thought so too and didn't put two and two together until I read the liner notes inside the sleeve. Drummer Alex Reject is the bro of Adam Trash from Middle Class Trash (reviewed & interviewed in 2009).

Much like his brother's band, Teenage Rehab has a very classic punk feel. Think Black Flag crossed with the Ramones. It's brisk and fluid and completely conjures up thoughts and images of what punk rock used to be before everybody and their mother started calling themselves "punk."

I don't think we're talking classics here, but based on the simplicity of this four track record, and the generational sound Teenage Rehab has, it's hard not to like Abuse Your Solution if you're into anything classified as old school punk.

Here's the band's myspace page to get yourself a preview.

Highly recommended.

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