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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sonny & The Sunsets debut album due Aug 31

 not sure what's goin on with me tonight, feelin antsy -

I'm gonna start you off with a free mp3 tonight. Here's Sonny & the Sunsets' "Too Young to Burn"

description basically comes down to a "futuristic 50s r&b", which there's a definite 50s flavor there. It didn't really seem to have a ton of pull, but was good enough to warrant another listen.

Frankly, the real read here might be on how Sonny Smith got this band groovin.

20-ish years ago, Smith was playing in a blues piano bar in Colorado at the age of 18. His next stop was where every future hit musician goes, living on an organic farm in Central America, playing with a rag tag busking band (whatever the hell that is).

In 1996, he's back in the states (San Fran to be exact) writing songs, stories, anything the pen lends itself to. Ends up supporting Neko Case and Jolie Holland while releasing a couple solo albums in the early century years before finally starting Sonny & the Sunsets in 2007.

SonnyOver the past 3 years, Smith and some friends, Shayde Sartin & Tim Cohen (of the Fresh & Onlys), Tahlia Harbour (of Citay and The Dry Spells), Ryan Browne and Kelley Stoltz (Sub Pop Recordings) among others recorded Tomorrow is Alright, which happens to be out now on vinyl (Soft Abuse Records) and will be available to the modern world in CD/Digital versions on Aug. 31 (Fat Possum)

1. Too Young To Burn
2. Death Cream

3. Strange Love
4. Planet of Women

5. The Houris
6. Stranded
7. Bad Vibes & Evil Thoughts
8. Chapters
9. Love Among Social Animals
10. Lovin' on an Older Gal

the rest of the story has yet to be told.

here's a few other stories to make your evening -
  • Breathe Carolina is releasing Hello Fascination (Deluxe edition) on July 6 (Fearless) - features 8 bonus tracks including covers of U2 & Miley Cyrus
  • Go Radio is touring w/ Secondhand Serenade next month
  • Artist Vs. Poet has a 2nd video tour update up
  • Jagjaguwar's first feature length film, The Builder is debuting w/ a free showing in Brooklyn on July 7 at Zebulon
  • Jason Mraz covers "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum as part of the Levi's covers project

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