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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Want to know how Frank Black coerced Pete Yorn to leave Nebraska

 I've never been a big Pete Yorn fan, but you tag his name with Frank Black and I'm listening again.

I'm not exactly sure how many albums Black Francis has produced, but I have to imagine his musical intelligence is worth something on someone else's record, and that's probably the same logical thinking Pete Yorn saw when he decided to book Mr. Black as the producer of Yorn's new self-titled album, due Sept. 28 (Vagrant).

I love this - Yorn was in the middle of making Back & Fourth in Nebraska when he got an email from Black suggesting that they record some tunes. Intrigued by the notion of experimenting with Frank, Yorn hopped a plane to Salem, OR, where the two set up an impromptu studio. They recorded the albumin a mere five days - even though the singer-songwriter-guitaristcame down with the flu two days into the process. 

seriously, you give me the chance to meet/work with Frank Black or a thousand other artists and I'm shipping out of this damn state too.

in their own words - "Frank didn't give a shit about getting sick, so we stayed in the flow," recalls Yorn. "He has an incredible ability to distill a song down to its core."
Frank recalls, "Pete told me he wanted to better define himself as an artist.  I think he just wanted to rock out.  But as we headed down a path of realization I stripped him down a whole bunch.  We battled in the best sort of way.  I tried to get the session into a fearless and raw place, and to his artistic credit Pete took his songwriting to a fearless and raw place.  This listener will find his or herself sitting right next to Pete on the couch.  And the record totally rocks out."

1.  Precious Stone
2.  Rock Crowd
3.  Velcro Shoes
4.  Paradise Cove I
5.  Badman
6.  The Chase
7.  Sans Fear
8.  Always
9.  Stronger than
10. Future Life
11. Wheels

tour dates to come

plenty more where this came from -
  • We Came as Romans added to the Scream It Like You Mean It tour
  • if you dig Alkaline Trio and are looking forward to Matt Skiba's Demos album, Asian Man is promising early ships on preorders, like 3 weeks early (July 20 for Aug 10 date)
  • some of the Bonnaroo festival will again air on Youtube this year dates are June 11-13 - that's this weekend for you calendarically challenged folks
  • speaking of Bonnaroo, OK Go will premiere their new video for "End Love" just prior to the US/England World Cup soccer match at the Lunar Stage Saturday 1:20 p.m. EST - the first video to ever premiere at the festival. For those of you like me, busy or no $$$ or whatever, wait til Tuesday and it'll be here
  • Angel Eyes' Midwestern will be out on July 20 (Mylene Sheath)
  • Gifts From Enola's new s/t LP is almost out as well, although I'm struggling to find a definitive release/ship date (Mylene Sheath) and the label, Mylene Sheath has signed Herra Terra

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