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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's your favorite music publicity stunt?

You know I'm a baseball fanatic, so noticing today was Eddie Gaedel's birthday brings up an interesting question.

For those that don't follow baseball or recognize Gaedel's name, but don't know who he is, Gaedel was probably the most famous pinch-hitter in baseball history. In 1951, The St. Louis Browns signed Gaedel, a 3'7" midget as a gimmick to stand in the batter's box for one whole at bat.

As you can imagine, the pitcher was baffled and threw four pitches, none of which came anywhere near Gaedel's mini-strikezone. Gaedel walked to first base, was immediately removed from the game and had his contract voided a day or two later.

So Gaedel got me thinking about famous stunts in the music business.

Off the top of my head, the most famous may be Prince deciding to become

I could also list Madonna kissing Brittney Spears as one of the top choices as well.

any others you can think of?

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