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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Bad Plus ready first album of all originals

My first reaction after reading my own headline there was "what! how is it even possible for a band with 7 albums already under their belt putting out number 8 and it marks the first time every song on the album is an original?"

I suppose it's not that unusual considering the works of Richard Cheese and Weird Al. But this is different.

The Bad Plus are a well constructed sound based on a loungy sound with mellow roots and some great piano work (for examples check the band's MySpace page - I highly recommend "Comfortably Numb")

Back to the real story here, Never Stop will hit stores on Sept. 14 (E1 Music) and also unlike the rest of the Bad Plus' albums, this one is gonna be purely instrumental.

in their own words - "We approached the recording of this album more like a jazz record from the '50s or '60s," says drummer David King. "To eliminate studio separation as much as possible, I set up in the same room as Ethan, with Reid in plain sight. It created a really free atmosphere, as if we were playing a show."

looks like my home run derby picks are out the window thanks miggy-
  • speaking of covers, here's "Cars" by Flore featuring Gary Numan himself & Shunda K. It's on Flore's new album, RAW due July 20
  • like reading? here's an article from USA Today (who knew they covered music???) about Christina Perri - and here's one from Billboard
  • Tracy Bonham's on Jay Leno tonight
  • here's a new video for "This is Yours" from Debutants. Their new album, Why Can't We Have Fun is due out Aug. 17
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