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Monday, July 5, 2010

Get a new single from Bishop Morocco

here's more music I know nothing about (must be something about the holiday weekend) - actually I like this one, reminds me of Love & Rockets or toned down JAMC, anyway, here's the details

Toronto duo Bishop Morocco have announced the release of their self-titled debut album in the US on September 14th via Hand Drawn Dracula. The album includes the single, "Last Year's Disco Guitars" (available for posting), which features a minimalist, regimented beat coupled with otherworldly synths, woven together by Martin Hannett (Joy Division, The Stone Roses)'s indebted production (look for a remix from Holy Fuck soon). The band has also released a nostalgia-inducing, subtly psychedelic video for the track, available on YouTube and Vimeo.

Bishop Morocco formed when two old friends met in the greyness and never-ending drizzle of fall in Groningen, a town in the northern Netherlands. Jake Fairley (aka Fairmont) had spent the past six years based in Berlin, riding a wave of European techno hits released on labels such as Border Community and Kompakt. Jim Sayce had been in Toronto, pursuing graduate studies while playing in such bands as Tangiers (Frenchkiss) and earlier, the Deadly Snakes (In The Red). Though their musical paths had taken divergent, almost opposing courses, they used the geographical disconnection from everyone they knew to focus on creating a new kind of pop music. The result is somewhere between the soundtrack to Twin Peaks and the Madchester sound.

Bishop Morocco will be touring the US with Holy Fuck in the fall. Dates to be announced shortly.

Bishop Morocco
1. White City
2. Townies
3. Our Time
4. Eddie
5. Last Year's Disco Guitars
6. Petter
7. Goodbye Night
8. The Catholic Band
9. Red Bird
10. Blind Visions

read on, there will not be a test-

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