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Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Singles Night with Sparkydog and Friends

who would have guessed that reading flyers when deciding to review a band would be just as beneficial as reading instructions when trying to put something together.

It's not that I wasn't intending to review Sparkydog & Friends, but had I realized I had a two song CD in my midst for the past couple months, I'm sure this one would have been done and off my list by now.

So, for July 8's Singles Night, I bring you Sparkydog & Friends.

This is (as I said) a two song single from a UK duo and a bunch of friends. It's essentially a musical experiment where they want to make a collaborative effort on record. Nothing new to the industry, but it may be for them.

"People of the World" and "Red Light" happen to be the first two tracks from this group's idea.

For me, I've got no interest in hearing what else this group has to offer.

These two songs are very light-hearted and breezy. The substantive offering is mild and offers little encouragement to hunt-down more of their work.

It's long been the goal of releasing singles/eps that bring you an audience. And I'm not denying these two songs won't bring any traffic to the band's growing career, however, I don't see either of these two songs being landing points for radio/video or cult traffic. At best, Sparkydog & Friends has just put out two songs that will likely never earn the group a calling of their own.

Because two songs is much too early to right off a band (that is unless they release this or this), it would be completely ridiculous of me to push Sparkydog into the never again pile at this point. However, even for soft, cozy lyrical songs, I can pick out dozens of others before I'd even consider these two songs.

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  1. it's refreshing to get trashed in a review! we have been getting too many good ones. Need some yin for the yang.

    we have also been in singles airplay for 4 weeks - so i guess we need to yank the songs because according to you, all of the listeners out there must be completely wrong!

  2. btw - what kind of music do you really like? it would be good to know if you just do not like the kind of music we make, or if you actually like this style but just think we stand out as total crapola.