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Monday, July 5, 2010

Shunda K's new single may Save the World


not really my thing, but have a listen anyway.

That's Shunda K (of Yo Majesty). This is her debut release, a maxi-single "Here I Am To Save The World" and it's available on July 27 (Fanatic).

Totally not for me, so I'll let NME do the speaking for me on this one.

here's what else you need to know about Shunda K

The maxi-single also features remixes of “Here I Am To Save The World” by up and coming producers Scripts ‘N Screwz (St. Louis), Nite Club (Brooklyn), and The New Loud (Milwaukee). The single is Shunda K’s first release as part of her new partnership with Fanatic Records and will be followed up in October with another maxi-single release, “I’m Da Best” featuring Shunda K’s former Yo! Majesty bandmate, Shon B.  The album versions of both tracks will appear on Shunda K’s upcoming solo debut album The Most Wanted, scheduled for release in early 2011.

Shunda K is best known as the leader of hip hop duo, Yo! Majesty (Domino Records).  Named to the NME’s “cool list,” Shunda K has recently been seen collaborating with electro superstar Peaches on the track and video for the song “Billionaire” from the Peaches album I Feel Cream (XL Recordings). See the video for “Billionaire” HEREShunda K also appears on Flore’s cover of the legendary Gary Numan hit, “Cars” from Flore’s debut album, Raw.  See the video for “Cars” HERE.

as if that wasn't exciting enough, here's some more links for you -

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