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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Singles night brings you Joyslam

It's July 1, and judging by the calendar sitting near my desk it's also Thursday, which means it's Singles Night.

I'm gonna leave the story out of this one cuz well It's just gonna happen that way.

The band is Joyslam, a self-proclaimed funk-rock-ska-reggae act out of Toronto.

01-WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE 1.mp3 by Joyslam

04-UNDERSTAND (128).mp3 by Joyslam

I'd share more with you, but I'm not going to waste your time.

This band/artist has a strong sense for the dramatic musically, but I've found the vocals nearly unbearable. His lyrics are easily understandable, yet I find myself perfectly bored by the songs.

And really, the voice is what needs to hit you if you're going to remember a song (for better or for worse). To me, the majority of this sound (instrumentation included) bears a strong resemblance to the local "jock-rock" band that plays on cover band night at the local club.

Musically sound, the band is great for a one-evening show where you're just out to have a good time. Ask me about them tomorrow, and I won't remember a damn thing because I wasn't moved enough to buy the CD and I ended up spending more time chasing down the waitress for another round than I did watching the singer try to generate some energy on stage. 

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