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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Singles Night with Mean Creek

It's singles night & this week, I've got just the a-side to a 7"

Mean Creek - The Comedian by Old Flame Records

That's "The Comedian" the a-side to Mean Creek's new 7" on Old Flame Records.

Within seconds of this one opening up, I was immediately conjuring up comparisons to Tindersticks. Then, the song went well past what Tindersticks does, and became this deeply developed track with some of the same features as Tindersticks, only with more presence.

I ended up listening a couple of times, and still can't quite get enough. There's an aura of hard rock mentality there, and by hard rock, I mean when hard rock meant something (GNR, Motley Crue, etc).

A second (third, fourth, fifth) track would be wonderful here to capture more of what Mean Creek is doing, but based on "The Comedian," you'd be foolish not to look for something more to compliment this track.

And without getting into too many details, I did end up listening to this before I realized who produced this one, which says enough about this track anyway.

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